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Considerations Before You Get Married in
Kansas & Missouri

Rundberg Law, LLC Sept. 15, 2022

Wedding rings and handsMaking the decision to get married is a huge undertaking and one that’s filled with joy, love, and more than likely some nerves. You probably have a lot of questions about what your future as a married couple will look like, and it’s always a good idea to educate yourself about these details before walking down the aisle. In some cases, it can help to speak with a family law attorney who can advise you about your concerns and answer any questions that come up about the legal implications of marriage. 

If you’d like to know more about what you can expect during this exciting time and how best to prepare for it, reach out to me at Rundberg Law, LLC. I’m licensed to serve clients in both Missouri and Kansas—including Johnson County—from my office in Overland Park. 

Legal Benefits of Marriage  

In addition to the personal and emotional benefits of marrying someone you love, there are a number of legal benefits of marriage that are worth understanding. One big advantage is that you’ll be able to file taxes jointly with your spouse which can translate into higher tax returns and less money owed to the government. You’ll also have certain estate planning benefits after you’re married like the smoother transfer of assets, exemption from some inheritance and gift taxes, as well as access to trusts that are only available to married couples. Most married couples also take advantage of their spouse’s employment and medical benefits as well as any government benefits they may be receiving in the form of Social Security, disability, or veterans pay.  

Legal Considerations Before Getting Married  

Even though you’ll no doubt be filled with nervous excitement about spending the rest of your life with someone you love, there are some considerations before marriage that you should keep in mind. 

Legal planning for marriage is just as important as planning for the ceremony and reception. An experienced attorney can be an asset in this regard. You’ll first want to make sure you meet the legal requirements for marrying in Kansas and Missouri which can include having the proper identification, birth certificates, social security cards, and ensuring at least one partner can appear in person at the county clerk’s office where you can obtain a marriage license. 

After speaking with your fiancé and your attorney, you may also want to consider signing a prenuptial agreement. Contrary to what some people might say, prenups can actually be a great tool to open up difficult discussions about finances and come to agreements before these topics become an issue. These conversations should cover what assets and debts each partner is bringing to the marriage so you can both understand the legal implications.  

Lastly, you’ll have to decide who you want to legally officiate your wedding, whether this is a trusted clergyman or a judge. 

Steps to Take After the Wedding  

After the big day, there’s still a lot to do. If you’ve decided to change your name, you’ll have to submit change requests so all your legal documents can be updated. This will also include updating documents like your bank account, driver's license, retirement funds, professional licenses, and insurance policies. You may also wish to add your new spouse's name to insurance policies, especially if they’ll be newly eligible for benefits.  

Trusted Legal Guidance for Your Marriage  

Marriage is a big step, but also one that can bring a lifetime of happiness. If you’re considering marriage and would like to know more about the legal aspects of your upcoming union and are in the Overland Park, Kansas, or Johnson County area, contact me at Rundberg Law, LLC.