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Divorce Attorney in Overland Park, Kansas

In the event of a relationship hardship, divorce is among the available options to dissolve your marriage in Kansas. However, the divorce process is often complicated and may involve a lot of sensitive emotions. If you are considering filing for divorce in your area or you've just been served with divorce papers, sitting down with an experienced Kansas family law attorney is imperative to get the compassionate legal direction you need.  

At Rundberg Law, LLC, I have devoted my career to providing outstanding legal services and guiding clients through the complex procedures involved in marital dissolution. As your legal counsel, I can inform you about your divorce options and determine the ideal choice for you. In addition, I will help you through the divorce proceedings and help navigate challenging decisions.  

My firm – Rundberg Law, LLC – proudly serves clients throughout Johnson County, Overland Park, and surrounding communities across Kansas and Missouri. 

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Divorce in Kansas 

Divorce is the legal process used to dissolve, end, or terminate a marital union. In Kansas, divorce may be categorized into two –uncontested and contested divorce. 

Uncontested Divorce 

In an uncontested divorce, the couples mutually agree on the key terms of the divorce settlement, including alimony, property division, child support, child custody, and parenting time. All divorce terms that are agreed upon by the spouse will be documented and filed with the Kansas court for official approval. Generally, uncontested divorces are hassle-free, and cost-efficient, and the divorce can be finalized quicker. 

Contested Divorce 

Conversely, in a contested divorce, the spouses are unable to agree on one or more key divorce terms. As such, the Kansas court will be called upon to help settle pending divorce matters. A divorce hearing will be scheduled, with the judge will listen to both parties and issuing a final verdict. A seasoned divorce lawyer can help present your case meticulously and increase your chances of achieving the best possible outcome. 

Eligibility to File for Divorce in Kansas 

However, filing for divorce in Kansas requires meeting the residency requirement. In order to get a divorce, you or your spouse must have been living in the state for at least 60 days before filing. 

Grounds for Divorce in Kansas 

Additionally, Kansas is a hybrid fault state for divorce. This means that you can seek divorce on no-fault or fault grounds if your partner is guilty of marital misconduct. The acceptable grounds for divorce in Kansas include: 

  • Incompatibility ("no-fault" grounds). 

  • Failure to perform a material marital duty or obligation. 

  • Incompatibility due to mental illness or mental incapacity of any of the spouses.  

Also, upon filing your divorce petition, you must wait for a minimum of 60 days before the court can finalize your divorce. During the waiting period, the couples can settle divorce issues, including asset division, alimony, child custody, support, and other important matters. 

How Long Does a Divorce Take? 

The timeframe it takes to get a divorce in Kansas often depends on the type of divorce you're getting and other surrounding circumstances. Generally, it can take anywhere between 60 days and one year, or even more, to get a divorce judgment in Kansas.  

However, if you're seeking a faulty-based divorce, it may take longer to get your divorce. Likewise, circumstances such as alimony requests, minor children, retirement accounts, and significant marital assets can make divorce proceedings more complicated and lengthy. 

How Legal Counsel Can Help 

Filing for divorce in Kansas usually involves several complexities and legal paperwork. Trying to negotiate a fair divorce settlement with your estranged partner, dividing marital assets, and establishing alimony and child custody agreements can make the entire process stressful and overwhelming. However, I am here to provide professional and compassionate legal help.  

At Rundberg Law, LLC, I have the expertise and diligence to advise and guide individuals and families in their family law and divorce-related matters. As your attorney, I can decide the right divorce option for your specific situation and help file your petition. Also, I will work diligently with all parties involved to resolve key divorce matters – including spousal support, child support, custody, property division, and parenting time – peacefully and quickly. 

Divorce Attorney Serving Overland Park, Kansas

If you are considering filing for divorce or are already amidst the process, contact Rundberg Law, LLC, to schedule an initial consultation. I have the reliable advocacy and personalized legal counsel you need to helm crucial decisions in your divorce. My firm proudly serves clients across Johnson County, Overland Park, and surrounding areas throughout Kansas and Missouri.