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Divorce is stressful for everyone involved. If your case involves child custody or significant assets, it can be difficult to know where to start. It can be especially difficult if communicating with your spouse just leads to fighting. Having an attorney on your side can take the drama out of divorce. Ron Rundberg is here to help whether you have a high-asset divorce case or an uncontested divorce. 


If you are trying to establish your rights as a father or are seeking child support from the father of your child, you need to file a petition to establish paternity. Consulting an attorney is important to ensure that your rights are protected. 


Are you considering adoption? Maybe you want to become the legal parent of a child whom you have already been raising because you are a step parent. Ron Rundberg can assist you with adoption whether your case involves a stepparent adoption, a private adoption, or an adoption agency.  

Child Custody

Contested child custody cases can be quite complex. Don't try to represent yourself when it comes to your children and the court system. You need an experienced attorney to make sure all of the important details are covered. Contact an experienced family law attorney to ensure that your case is handled effectively. Even if your case results in a negotiated agreement, it is important to seek the advice of legal counsel. 

Estate Planning

Estate planning is important for your future, no matter how old you are. Whether you are single, married, or divorced, you need to have a plan. Estate planning is not just about wills and trusts. You can use a power of attorney to appoint who you want to make decisions, if you are unable to do so yourself. 

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Ron Rundberg is licensed in both Kansas and Missouri. In Kansas, he serves Johnson, Douglas, Wyandotte, Miami, and Franklin Counties. In Missouri, he serves Jackson, Cass, and Clay Counties.